Genre Selection

During a party in his house Claudio Terranegra starts a journey that will reveal A Fine Mystery of his past.

Charon shows how after years of raids, murders, rape, destruction, hunger and epidemics, the earth is an emptier place.

In Ebersberg Commissioner Moser is assigned the case of an accident, a murder, a disturbed girl and an eerie woman from the forest....

An ex para-trooper, a small business owner deep in debt, and a tormented ER surgeon have to overcome their fears and demons: INK.

Julie gets her hands on the cellphone of a stranger. On the phone she finds some dangerous computer programs.

When Chad Wellington drops dead in Grace Park, Anita Chowdry is plunged back into the mysterious past she'd left behind: Marked.

Project M shows us a distopic world of tomorrow without art, where being a singer, an actor or a painter is illegal.