Drama & Webdoc Selection

Six immigrants in six European cities struggle with the problems of everyday life. In the meantime, in Paris, the tragedy is happening: 13.11

Set in War torn Syria, Bidune Kaid follows 3 individuals: Wafiq, Reem and Karim, who are confronted with life changing experiences.

What's left after a break-up is thousands of audios, photos and videos as Digital Memory. Vera relives glimpses of each relationship stage.

Gimel tells stories of Israeli soldiers who injured themselves on purpose during their military service in order to get a few days off the army.

Philipp quit university and fell in love with ex soap star Gunnar. He starts an internship at the Studio Stage Cologne, full of romantic Stage Fright.

Mathieu works as a Public Writer in a community center in Montreal. Soon he discovers that his role is much more about humans than literature.

Jessica is a healthy, record-breaking thriathlete and has a promising career. But her life is ruled and controlled by her father: Septo.

Shotgun Boogie documents the social, cultural, and musical landscape of New Orleans and how the city has changed over the past decade.

Spectrums follows the social, political and spiritual world of ten members of the transgender community in Israel.

Queer Amsterdam shatters all those stereotypes that straights and gays, men and women are faced with everyday.