DEUTSCHE DIGITALE: Chances and obstacles for producers of digital content in Germany

Especially within the independent producer's scene, artictic freedom is very important to the creators. For many, web series is a possibility to tell a story without dealing with the tightly structured and market oriented media system. But film is expensive. And even heart's blood can run dry. How could we manage the balancing act between financing and not being artistically pressured by the market situation? Or would it be wiser to put the target group first from the start? 


Janna Maria Nandzik is a writer, producer and director within the field of digital media and transmedia storytelling. She scripted for the TV show and web series, created and produced the six-parted sitcom "Die Snobs – Sie können auch ohne Dich" for  ZDFneo, worked as director, writer and transmedia strategist for the 14-parted crossmedial TV show  "About:Kate" by ARTE and recently co-prdocued the series „Jerks“  for maxdome/ProSieben.

When Dennis Albrecht came to Hamburg, he absolved several internships in almost all technical fields of film. He studied communication for audivisual media and completed a script workshop in Los Angeles and Frankfurt. He's the co-founder of the "Seriale" in Gießen, has been a jury member within the children film competition "Heide-Wendland-Klappe" for several years, lecturer at the film school Hamburg Berlin as well as founder and head of the initiatives "UnsereSerien" und "UnsereFilme".

Teymour Tehrani is author. director and producer, studied film direction at the Northern Film School/Leeds Metrpolitan University (GB) and production at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg (Ludwigsburg). 2017 he founded  AT-Vertise and just recently  produced his first mini series „Fury Girl Smack Down“, funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.

Bryan Thompson is an award-winning film maker and public speaker. As international business executive with advanced legal education and experience in the media and entertainment industry, he founded one of the industry-leading web series festivals "Miami Web Fest", connecting emerging digital film makers with legal representatives and network executives for development and distribution.