miteinander // Living Together

September 1st 2017, 6 pm

Meninos Tristes (BR) LGBT 

Claire et Michel - Le Documentaire (CA) Mockumentary

Cinéfilo (AR) Drama

Frapuccino (FR) Action

Talking to Grandma (PL) Comedy

Zyara (LB) Documentary

Krise // breakdown

September 1st 2017, 8.30 pm

Darren Has A Breakdown (UK) Comedy

Depto (AR) Comedy

FLMSTDT (DE) Satire 

Heltel (UK) Comedy

High Life (AU) Drama

High Road (NZ) Comedy

Hollywood (FR) Experimental

mitternachtsscreening // Midnight Screening

September 1st 2017, 10 pm

Domicilio Coatto (IT) Comedy

Ebersberg (DE) Horror

Hidden (IT) Thriller

House:Horror (KR) Horror

Miss Beverly Hills Ghost (US) Mystery 

Running With Violet (CA) Action 

Telegraph Cove (CA) Suspense

The Big Swutsch (DE) Gangster

gesellschaft // society

September 2nd 2017, 11.30 am

Abgestempelt! (DE) Comedy

Cumbia Nena (AR) Drama

Gott kommt (DE) Animation

Jezabel (FR/BE) Drama

Le Myriapode (FR) Sketch Comedy

Mundillo (AR) Comedy

über das web // about the web

September 2nd 2017, 6 pm

10percent (IT) Instagram

Ana (AR) Suspense

Listen to the Experts (IE) Sketch Comedy

MidnightMiracle (UK) Comedy

The Award Winning Clark Brothers' Really Really Really Good Show (DE) Vlog

The Room Actors: Where Are They Now? (US) Mockumentary

Tinder is the Night (US) Comedy

TubeHeads (DE) Sketch Comedy